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Aerial Photos of Our Neighborhood

I had a meeting yesterday with two librarians from the University of Minnesota to talk about how the libraries could help support professors in the creation of courses. It was one of the best meetings that I have ever had at the University. What a fruitful exchange of ideas and resources. I am sure I got more out of it than they did. One of the resources they shared with me was the John R Borchert Map Library. This library is home to many of the geographic references and information at the University. After browsing around on their website, I cam across Minnesota Historical Aerial Photographs Online. This resource allows you to look at aerial photographs taken at different points in time. I found three photographs after searching for my address.

In 1956, there was almost no development.

In 1967 many houses have appeared on the scene, including ours.

By 1971, the area was even more developed.


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I got this email from Amazon today. I always said I wanted to be in the six figures...


So True...

I think the happiest, most successful students know why they are at college, and they believe this answer. They also tend to do very little, but the small amount of things they do, they do exceptionally well. They recognize that in the end, the world rewards those who are so good they can’t be ignored. By contrast, we forget about the burnt out triple-major who joined 10 clubs to show leadership and managed to earn a 3.9 without ever once impressing a professor.

This was written by a computer scientist who put together one of my favorite advice blogs for students–Study Hacks. The blog is based around three basic tenets:

  1. Do fewer things.
  2. Do them better.
  3. Know why you’re doing them.
Rather than giving the "duh!" type advice associated with so many of these types of blogs (e.g., follow your passion") he offers gems such as "when it comes to loving what you do, the type of job you have might matter much less than what you do with it." (see the post entitled The Danger of the Dream Job Delusion).

Plus, I love that on the about page the author states "I harbor an inexplicable hostility towards business majors." This and the fact that the blogger is himself trying to implement an E-mail Zero project gives him (I think I read the blogger is a him. If not....apologies!) instant street cred.


Digital Scrapbook: My Sister's Wedding


Digital Scrapbook: My Sister's Graduation

Sandra gets a paper-towel tube.
On May 14, 2000 my sister Sandra graduated from the University of North Dakota with her Master's Degree in Physical Therapy in what well might have been the longest ceremony I have ever sat through. During most of it I read a book. It was terribly hot and we were sitting on bleachers for hours. I also fell asleep and took two bathroom breaks.

Finally, they announced her name. She walked across stage, and shook this guy's hand (see pic on left). I think he was astounded at how short she was. That was that. If she would have kept walking straight out the door, we could have had dinner sooner.

If you put stood that hat on its corner
it would be taller than Sandra!

Our family in North Dakota. The smiles indicate the
picture was taken prior to the ceremony

Heat Map Week 5