Chili (6 months)

I can't believe Chili is almost six months old! Where does the time go? They grow up so fast. She is now an uncontrollable 43 pounds. What is new in her world you ask? She has been working with a dog walker three days a week. Sometimes better than other times. She walks Deb, our dog walker, for 30 minutes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Chili has also discovered the excitement of playing Ball. When asked, "Where's your ball?," Chili will run around inquisitively until she locates said ball (An Air Dog Squeaky Tennis Ball), which is generally either under the dining room table or on the couch. Our games of ball usually consist of the following sequence of events (sometimes in mixed order):

  • Me throwing the ball
  • Chili chasing the ball and skidding across the wood floors
  • Chili bringing the ball back to me
  • Me asking Chili to "Drop It" (This event is usually repeated ad nauseum)
  • Chili refusing to drop the ball and continuously ramming the ball into my outstretched hand
  • Chili occasionally dropping the ball on the floor and then immediately picking it up
  • Me finally duping Chili into letting me have the ball
  • Then the sequence generally repeats until one of us (usually me) becomes tired of the game.

Chili has also grown an affinity for the Monday Night Football Theme Song. If this piece (Note to Dr. Wirth: Sorry I called it a song in the previous sentence...I should have used "piece" since there were no lyrics associated with said ditty.) is whistled, Chili will immediately attack the whistler with a bevy of kisses and wipe out anything unlucky enough to be anywhere near her tail which will be wagging at roughly 300 miles per hour. Her display of affection is almost pornographic in nature.