Computational Art

The following are some of the computational art projects that I have been recently working on. They were all created by stacking images and then averaging the stacked pixels.
Mean Spoon and Cherry
Chile X(Bar)IV

The image on the left is an averaged image of Claes Oldenburg's Spoonbridge and Cherry, 1985-1988 (http://garden.walkerart.org/artwork.wac). I used Python to scrape public images with the Flickr API  using the search string "spoon+cherry".  After eliminating some of the images (e.g., those from other orientations, those with people i the foreground) I was left with n = 211 images which were stacked and averaged.

The picture on the right was created by stacking images of my dog Chili. Her AKC registered name is Chili XIV (thus the new name).