Digital Door II

I have some stellar colleagues in Educational Psychology. A few of them have been featured in CEHD Connect–the college publication of all things CEHD. Here are just a few:

Michael Rodriguez
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Sashank Varma
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Keisha Varma
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Jennifer McComas
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Sashank was even featured in the University's "Driven to Discover" campaign.

Digital Door

I have just taken down many of the postings that were on my office door. It is time to update things. As with the scrapbook, I will also add these to the blog.

The following picture was posted October 23, 2008 on the University of Minnesota's Graduate School homepage. The two students referred to in the caption are Stacy R. Karl and Julio Cabrera. At the time they had just started their PhD programs in the department. It is apropos that this be the first up on the "digital door". Aside from enjoying their company very much, I also recently published a paper in Behavior Research Methods with them [Read Paper] as well as wrote and published an R package with the two of them [Get Package].

President Bruininks, right, spoke to two students who attended a reception hosted by the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA) at the Loring Pasta Bar Sept. 18. More than 500 students attended the event, where they also heard from Graduate School dean and vice provost Gail Dubrow and GAPSA president and CEHD student Kristi Kremers. Read more about GAPSA and COGS.